Our Approach

At CinSyn, we are storytellers.

By developing video content around your core story, every message you communicate breathes authentically from that foundation Рwhether the production is a documentary, music video, or narrative.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First Meeting: We chat about what you’re looking to accomplish in the short and long-term with your brand, nonprofit, or project. Then we help connect those goals to your individual story. The ideas we generate together take into account your mission, values, and what makes you tick.
  2. Proposal: The Syndicate takes this information back to headquarters and develops a commercial, documentary, or creative campaign tailored to your goals and budget. We then present you with a plan of attack in the form of a script and storyboards.
  3. Creative Partnership: After you’ve had a chance to look over the proposal, we collaboratively flesh out the project by picking the people, places, and settings that will best relay your story. We also look at how motion graphics and sound design can enhance your message.
  4. Production: This is when the magic happens. The CinSyn crew goes on location(s) to shoot your footage. After we’ve collected everything we need, we snag additional shots that might spice up the final product.
  5. Editing & Revisions: Once we piece everything together, we sent it your way for approval and feedback. We execute any needed changes and present you with the polished product.
  6. Distribution & Reporting: That’s not all, folks! We help you position and promote your video to reach your target audience on social media networks, blogs, and websites. We carefully measure results and decide where to go from there.

Projects we’ve completed:

  • Non-profit messaging/documentation

  • Commercials/corporate videos

  • YouTube videos/viral campaigns

  • Webisodes

  • Music Videos

  • Narrative Films

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