1920×800 embedding test

Meet Dr. Deutscher from Blink on Vimeo.

The Red Skunks ‘Vamp of New Orleans’ official music video

Official music video for The Vamp of New Orleans, off the Red Skunks’ new album. We did 1st camera, editing, and all other post production.

Executive producer: Molly Reeves Music
in association with Jim Davis Productions & The Cinematic Syndicate

Director: Robyn Hill
Director of Photography/Editor/Colorist: Jesse Clark
Asisstant Camera: Mark Landcaster
2nd Camera: Robyn Hill
Lighting and equipment: Aspect Studios

WATER: Words from the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Filmed during the 2011 Esalen Arts Festival, Agnes Baker Pilgrim spoke to the importance of water in all aspects of our lives. We decided to capture her message for all to hear.

‘WATER’ has been selected for a feature in an upcoming exhibition on the International Museum for Women website. The International Museum of Women is featuring Agnes Baker Pilgrim and the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in our “Heroes” feature (to be released April 2012).
MAMA: Motherhood Around the Globe is an online exhibition of global art, voices and ideas. 600,000 online visitors come annually to view IMOW’s galleries– to be inspired, connect, and take action on issues that matter.

Community Development in Nicaragua: Project WOO

The Syndicate helped Project Wave of Optimism tell their story through a mini-doc that highlights the work they are doing to improve surfing’s global footprint and ensure surf-related tourism has a positive, responsible impact on the cultures it contacts.

Whole Foods 365 Organic Cheese Promo

Niman Ranch Demo Intro

We worked with Sarah Willis and the marketing department from Niman Ranch to produce, shoot and edit a comprehensive training video for Niman Ranch food demonstrators. All footage was shot on location at New Leaf Market in Santa Cruz, California with other video clips of the Willis Ranch and other Niman ranchers and farmers.

Santa Cruz Sunset – a timelapse footage test

Shot with Canon 550D, Comped in After Effects and colored with Synthetic Aperture

Ano Nuevo Sunset Timelapse in 2K

Went through 2 batteries and thus so I had to make a simple crop & edit because the tripod moved a little.

-RAW 5k on a Canon 550D with Magic Lantern Firmware
-Timelapse Mode, 10sec interval
-Comped in 2K in After Effects, and colored with Synthetic Aperture plugin.

Ano Nuevo Beach, just south of the California Bay Area

Projection Room at The Nick

A recent project led the Syndicate to the Nickelodeon Theatre for some stock footage. We wanted to share some of the more interesting parts of the process – enjoy!

3D Motion Tracking Experiments, pt. 1

We wanted to see how well an open-source software tool could handle some 3D tracking. Aside from the cube glitch at the end, we now see how extra objects can be inserted into scenes for post-production purposes

Shot on a tripod dolly with Sony EX-1 in 30p,
Exported clip as a .tga sequence and tracked in Voodoo,
Composited & exported in After Effects.

Enjoy the cube glitch at the end!